Brownie Cake Sizes

Choose from 4 size options for your cake.

  • Mini: 5"/13cm 1-Tier - Serves 4 dessert slices or 8 coffee slices.
  • Midi: 8"/20cm 1-Tier - Serves 9 dessert slices or 18 coffee slices.
  • Tall: 8"/20cm 2-Tiers - Serves 18 dessert slices or 36 coffee slices.
  • Deluxe: 8"/20cm 3-Tiers - Serves 27 dessert slices or 54 coffee slices.

The height of each tier is approximately 4cm.

A dessert slice measures approximately 6.5x6.5x4cm whilst a coffee slice measures approximately 6.5x3.25x4cm.

Measurements are an approximation only and may not be exact.